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The question that most people have when they first encounter toto is, ‘Can I make money from it?’ I think. Because if you could make a profit, as the expert analyst or fixer said, there would be no poor person in the world. However, as much as you have tried, you have the opportunity to make a profit.

Toto has a clear secret that anyone can hit with a little time and effort. Even with a simple understanding of sports and toto and the hidden implications of recent match records and odds, the road to making big money is open.

And you can make big profits with combination and diversification techniques. The dividends you give to a game on the toto site start with the odds. If there is a team that has been awarded a dividend of 1.90, the probability that the team will win is 1/2.

If you say your chances of winning are 1/2, you should get a 2.0 dividend, but the reason you can’t do that is that the company that measures the dividend takes the commission. How nice it would be to think that we measure dividends and receive a commission of 10% each time. Since you can’t, you need to approach it with betting.


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Let’s approach it with betting.

Betting can hopefully be a re-tech way to boost your returns. If you can only buy one game, I think you can still earn a return on a 10% fee. But in the case of a domestic proto, you can’t buy just one game.

You must mark at least 2 matches to live. Then we have to hit with a probability of 1/4 so that we can increase the return. If you play 3 games instead of 2, the odds will be 1/8, and if you mark more than that, the probability will soar to an unrealistic one.

As I said above, 2 games are 1/4 chance and 3 games are 1/8 odds. No matter how lucky you are, you can’t hit it in a row. If you hit this every time, you will be psychologically atrophied, your bet will grow, and you will become psychologically anxious.

When I become psychologically anxious, everything is unhappy and I wonder, ‘why do I lose every day only when I live?’ i can’t help but think about it. Because all of this is the reason why you bet in a psychologically anxious state.

If you want to make a profit and only want to find the money you’ve lost so far, we recommend that you let go of greed and use this method.

First, you should never bet on more than 2 matches. This is a must, so please be aware of it.

The second is that the odds per match only mark dividends from 1.3 to 1.4.

The reason for this is simple. This is because the odds of winning in the dividend company are given a fixed dividend to the team that has a high probability of winning, so of course, the probability of hitting is high.

But it’s foolish to just look at the odds and combine them without analysis. No matter how much you are divided, there are bound to be variables. We recommend that you do a primary draft analysis.

Betting only on the dividend? Is it the right way?

If you look at that post, you’ll see that even if you’re a regular dividend, you’ll feel the importance of analysis. And if you combine 1.3*1.4 in the way I mentioned, you get odds of 1.82.

By reducing greed and combining it with a lower dividend, you will have a high probability of a hit. This is a betting method that means nothing the moment you lose your beginner’s mind.

I would strongly advise you not to lose sight of it and to tame your betting habits like that.


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