On the surface, many stock traders have a strong aversion to being compared to the freewheelers of Las Vegas or Macau. However, the similarities are striking and understanding them can get you to the heart of trading success. Trading, as opposed to longer-term investing, can be viewed as a means of generating cash flows just like a business. However, understanding the slot88 gambling business can help you understand the business of trading.

Trading can be like slot88 gambling

When it comes to daily trading in a market, you are dealing with odds. As you may know, if you have gambled yourself, many people who visit casinos join a table to play a game with money on the line in an attempt to recover their hotel or flight costs. However, the massive casino they have entered was built with money lost by people who failed to understand that the casino hosting the game is making sure the odds of winning are tipped in their favour. Therefore, to transform from a dealer who is losing money to one who is winning, you need to look at how you can tip the odds in your favour as the casino does.

An important difference between day trading and visiting the casino is that when you play, you have a negative expected return. In other words, the house is expected to always win in the long run on average. However, if you act skillfully, you can put yourself in the house’s position.

Improve your trading chances just like in a slot88 casino


If you walk up to two people and ask if gambling is a profitable business, you’re likely to get two different answers. The person doubting that gambling is a valuable and long-term way to build wealth in this example is someone with dollar signs in their eyes.

They may have thought that if they could find a good system to place bets with, they could make some money out of the casino. However, after a few visits to a few gambling houses, due to the cost of flight and hotel, a few thousand more than expected were settled.

Trading and gambling are very similar. However, to capitalize on the similarities, you need to increase your odds of winning and think like a casino boss. The best way to trade like a casino is to focus on fewer trades that are consistent with your advantage.