While video games have evolved throughout the 1970s, the epidemic, when once-outsider gamers became fixated on their Nintendo Switches, marked a pivotal moment for so many businesses.


Land grabbing

He spoke to City AM. that the market has changed significantly, becoming much more “device agnostic,” and that franchises’ intellectual property (IP) is now their most valuable asset. “The business model has changed away from items with widgets, like your conventional Xbox or Playstation, in favor of subscription services, in which you pay £50 but have access to a broad range of live match points and franchises,” said the author.

Game and Netflix

Netflix is a significant new participant in this market. Just last week, it announced cooperation with one of the biggest video gaming companies in Europe, Ubisoft, to release several latest smartphone games, including the Assassin’s Creed series. The streaming juggernaut has been keeping an eye out for actions like this for some time. Netflix listed TikTok and Epic Games as two of its main competitors in a statement to shareholders last year.

Apple and Google

There is the additional worry that Apple and Google, which offer the technology on phones and PCs that hosts games, operate as the main gatekeeper for gaming and collect the associated revenues. Without really having to create any of the company’s own games, this arrangement allowed Apple to generate the third-largest entertainment revenue in the entire globe.