counter strike global offensive video gameThe best csgo gambling sites accept direct cryptocurrency deposit in players’ accounts, with Bitcoin, naturally leading the esports crypto betting trend. Online sports betting research shows that Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been paving the way in the continuing growth of esports crypto betting. After all, direct crypto betting gives CS:GO players greater playing privacy while paying less in terms of transaction fees.

Moreover, direct crypto deposits take less time to process when compared to the conventional method of accepting crypto money and then converting it into fiat when credited as deposit.

When choosing a CS:GO site it would be to a player’s advantage to choose an esport betting site that supports significant CS:GO esports tournaments. At the same time it backs up its reputation by putting advertisements displaying a wide selection of esports titles and other conventional sports along with the most comprehensive array of available betting markets.

Examples of Popular CS:GO Betting Markets

Unlike the betting markets of traditional sports tournaments, CS:GO delineates its betting market based on the game’s format. Counter Strike competition winners are those that emerge victorious in the best of 1 for winning the map; or best of 2 out of 3, or best of 3 out of 5 games by winning the respective number of maps involved in the game’s format.

Yet some betting markets do not focus on the performance of the winning teams but rather on the outcomes of matches:

CS:GO Over / Under bets involving a bookmaker’s offer of betting on outcomes that fall over or under a set margin .

CS:GO Rounds Over / Under bets are regarded as the most popular worldwide as they are preferred by handicappers. They place bets that depend on the strength of a supported team in completing the expected number of rounds in a specific map, over or under a set margin.

esports gamer in actionCS:GO Kills Over / Under Score – bets are considered exciting because CS:GO gambling enthusiasts stake bets on a player on a per map basis; whilst predicting whether the number of kills achieved is Over/Under a set margin.

CS:GO Betting Sites that Allow Skin Betting

Another feature of the best csgo betting platform is that of having a skin marketplace in which players buy and sell skins so they can frugally bet on their favorite esports title matches. A CS:GO betting platform that allows skin betting recognizes skins as non fungible tokens that players can use for in-game trading and gambling ; albeit dependent on the availability of a skin market in the esports betting site.

What are Skins? – Skins in video games are elements that can alter the appearance of a video game character or object. Skins are either earned as rewards or purchased in-game but merely for cosmetic purposes. Some video game players are able to acquire rare skins that make them highly valuable as a video game market commodity.