A man gambling online on his phone


Now that it is possible to gamble legally online in the Netherlands, there are more and more players who use this. Women also visit an online casino more often, while this was first mainly done by male gamblers. That is now changing a lot. If you are going to gamble in an internet casino for the first time, there are several things that you should pay close attention to. See below for an overview of what is important when choosing a good online casino to play in.

Promo codes and bonuses

Bonus codes or promotional codes often belong to certain promotions. By entering it you activate a bonus and you can then receive it. Many online casinos work in this way. Would you like to try a promotional code or a bonus code for another gambling site? Then look online by visiting gambling websites.

Game offers

The range of games and the size of this are important for many players when choosing an online casino. On most gambling sites you can choose from thousands of slots, table games, and live games. In addition, many casinos on the internet often have a special section where you can take out sports betting. Plenty of choices for the average player.


Something you may have to pay attention to first before you start creating an account is whether a casino online has the right licenses. Is this not the case? Then it is better to immediately go to another place to use to search. Licenses are issued by regulators who ensure that online casinos operate fairly and legally. That is why it is so important that you only choose gambling sites that have a valid license.


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There are more and more gamblers who today visit an online casino via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. These gambling sites must of course be as well prepared as possible for this. This means, among other things, that websites must be fully optimized for mobile users and that there may be an app. That way, no difference is noticeable when you visit a casino on the internet from a desktop device compared to a mobile device.


To be able to put together a good range of games, casinos on the internet must work together with the best software developers. Many of these companies already have a lot of experience in making the best slot games that can be found online, and they regularly release new titles. If a casino often offers games from software suppliers that you do not know at all, then that is sometimes not a good sign. So pay extra attention to this.

Customer service

Good and competent customer service is essential for almost any business. At an online casino, this is no different, and that is why most gambling sites ensure that they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Usually, you can speak directly with an employee via a live chat function. Other options that you can find almost everywhere are contacting us by email or searching for your answer to the frequently asked questions. Sometimes you can also contact us by telephone, but that is not always possible anymore.