There are 3 business strategies that any aspiring entrepreneurs can use and these are:

  1. The business plan
  2. The marketing plan and;
  3. The operational plan

Business Plan

The business plan is a comprehensive document that outlines how you will grow your business in a way that meets your customer’s needs.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is a document that defines how you will promote your company through social media, advertising, PR, and word of mouth.

Operational Plan

The operational plan is an outline of what you’ll do to make sure your company stays up-to-date on industry changes and provides customer support.

It also outlines the measures you’ll take to keep your employees happy and motivated.

By creating these three separate plans, it makes it easier for you to track your progress. If you have all three written out, it’s easy to see which aspects of your plan are working well and which may need adjustment.